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Silver Wedding, 25th Anniversary Speech

By: Maggie Lonsdale BA (hons) - Updated: 7 Apr 2024 | comments*Discuss
Silver Wedding Anniversary Family Party

Celebrating your Silver Wedding anniversary is a great achievement. Even if you are not the most confident public speaker, your party guests will be pleased to hear you say a few words, imparting your wisdom on how you and your husband/wife have reached this milestone.

Whatever type of Silver Wedding anniversary party you are hosting, or attending if perhaps your children have organised it, it will really add to the occasion if you are able to make a short speech in front of your guests.

There is no reason to be nervous because all your guests will be positive, happy and wishing you the best of luck – this is not a crowd that you have to win over!

The best piece of advice may not initially sound like a good idea but, please, do not make any silly jokes in your speech. Light humour is fine, if that’s your style, but it is too easy to make some sexist, old-fashioned joke about married life just to get a laugh or hide your embarrassment at public speaking, but why not allow yourself to make a short but heartfelt speech instead?

Template for a Successful 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech

You do not need to speak for very long, but you do need to make sure that you thank the relevant people and make a fuss of your other half!

This is a real opportunity to be romantic – you don’t have to be cheesy or over the top, but it is a chance to say something romantic in front of your friends and family, some of whom may have been at your wedding.

1. How To Start Your Silver Wedding Speech

Start by thanking everyone and cover the reason that you are here.

  • Thank everyone for coming
  • You are proud to have reached your 25th wedding anniversary
  • Thank whoever organised the party

Example:It is wonderful to stand in front of so many happy, familiar faces; many of whom were with my husband/wife and me when we made our vows twenty five years ago. Thank you all for being with us this evening and helping to celebrate what is a really important milestone in our marriage.

2. A Suggestion For Suitably Romantic Speech Content

Now is the time to be romantic – say how wonderful your husband/wife is and how much they mean to you; talk about your children and family; say how you are proud of him/her and your marriage. A good way to stop the speech being over the top is to recount something about your wedding day, especially as there will probably be people there that remember it – this helps the speech feel inclusive and not too private.

  • Say what your husband/wife means to you
  • Recount an anecdote from your wedding day

Example: I can honestly say that the last twenty five have been the happiest of my life. I thought I was pretty happy before I married (name), but we have worked hard to create a partnership that has allowed us both to grow and flourish more than I ever thought possible.

Together, we have built a strong a loving family – our children, (name/s) have been an almost constant joy in our lives and we continue to enjoy each others company after all these years.

Some of you may remember our wedding day and the words (name) and I said to each other in front of you. I am deeply proud to say I feel the same way and (name), I would happily marry you all over again!

3. How To End Your Silver Wedding Speech

This is long enough for you to convey your message, although you may wish to expand on any particular detail of your family or wedding day, if you would like to talk for longer.

  • Raise a toast
  • Wish your husband/wife many more years of shared happiness

To finish your Silver Wedding anniversary speech, simply raise a toast. You can make it personal or more inclusive.

Example:I hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening. I would like to raise a toast to my wonderful wife/husband and say thank you to her/him for making me so happy. Cheers!

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